Monday, 4 March 2013

SunnyMoney on Radio 4

Just a quite note (bet you're sick of me this weekend!) to say that BBC Radio 4 are covering the work of SunnyMoney in their upcoming 'Costing the Earth' radio programme 'Electrifying Africa: Beyond the Grid,' which will be broadcast on Tues 5 March  at 15.30 GMT and again on Wed 6 March  at 21:00 GMT.

If someone could record it for me that's be fantastic!


  1. Will look out for it but recording facilities not working at the moment. You have had quite an adventurous week can see you get the navigation gene from your Dad!


  2. Definitely; I also have Dad's ability to think I'm going in the right direction when I'm not and still looking convincing about knowing the way - he he he :)

    No recording facilities, that's a bummer.

  3. Hi K,

    We missed the programme like you but the good news is that it is part of the 'costing the earth' series and as such is available as a podcast indefinitely.
    I've downloaded it and you should be able to ...even in a few months time.

    Keep wandering but stay safe.

  4. Oh brilliant, thanks for letting me know. I will listen to that in June. Seems miles away but the way time is passing I'll be back in no time at all. Can't believe it's already my 4th week!