Friday, 12 April 2013

Lusaka's Green Expo

I was going to write up about SunnyMoney's experiences at last week's Green Expo in Lusaka.  However I thought it more appropriate to let Claire, our Marketing Volunteer and Green Expo organiser, tell you about it instead.

So, without further ado, let me introduce my guest writer, Claire:

Hi everyone. I’ve been a marketing volunteer at SunnyMoney Zambia for the last 3 months working on marketing planning for our Schools Campaign, follow-up sales and how we work with retailers to help us get more lights to more people across Zambia.

Last weekend the SunnyMoney Zambia team returned to the world of exhibitions for The Green Expo at Lusaka’s National Museum for the second time. The Green Expo is about promoting sustainability in Zambia to show that green living can be ‘cool and fun’ and is organised by Glenda one our board directors. So, we simply had to be there!

Visitors to the expo were mostly the expat community, with many of them working for NGOs, so our aim was of course 1. To sell our fabulous lights, but also 2. To find potential partnership opportunities to broaden our reach in Zambia and 3. To increase awareness of our brand, what we do, and the impact of bringing solar to rural communities.

In the run up to the expo we advertised in two Zambian email newsletters (Ad-dicts to 2,500 Lusaka residents & Zamloop a similar buying/selling email list) to invite people to visit us at the show stand and let them know about our special expo discounts. We sold 3 PowerPack 5W systems and had a few other calls and visitors in response to these adverts, so it was already worth our while and we’ll definitely do that again.
 In return for this pre-expo advertising which also helped to promote the show, the organisers gave us the chance to be interviewed by Movie TV, a local Zambian station, which was aired on Saturday night. We’re trying to get hold of the interview clip!

We also had a prize draw to win a free S2 as an incentive for visitors to leave their details with us. The plan is to email or text these people with news about new products/light deliveries/friendly reminders of where to find us.

The show itself was actually a bit quieter than we had hoped overall, but the visitors we spoke to were all very interested in SunnyMoney’s work and impressed by our products. Other solar companies (for profit) were also exhibiting (Muhanya Solar, Solar Zuwa, SunPower) so it was important for us to have a presence and show why we are different. We got a free TV interview, an opportunity to advertise on a Zambian online business directory for free and potential sales with the Lusaka Radisson hotel (fingers crossed). We also had the privilege of talking about our schools programme to influential people like the Vice President’s wife Charlotte Scott and deputy director of the UN in Zambia, so feel that we sufficiently made our mark.

Robin, teaching the kids

Robin and the Vice President's Wife

Dominic showing off our posters and products

Claire's Fantastic Flyers (and Map to the Office!)

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