Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vote for us!

My friends and colleagues at Solar Aid / Sunny Money are trying to drum up votes and have asked me to enlist your help.  

We've entered a project in Google's Global Impact Challenge in an attempt to try and win the £500,000 fan favourite Global Impact Award.  Basically you, the general public vote for the project they like best and the project with the most votes wins the money. We have reached the final 10 but need your vote by 31st May to win!

Please take a look at our project and vote for us.  Click here to vote for SolarAid:  


  1. When do you find out if you have been succsessful? Do you get all of the 500K?

  2. We found out today....Solar Aid won :) They get the 500k but it's for a project in Tanzania. However, that will mean other funds will be freed up within the Group for us so it's good news all round.