Tuesday, 30 July 2013

....and she's gone again!

My short time in London has now come to an end.  You'll be pleased to know that Darren at Travcour came up trumps again and managed to get all my visas - yyipppeeee - so I can go to all the places I planned :)  I depart today for Mongolia and it seems that the sun is departing with me as the rains are now heavy in Central London.
It's been an amazing few weeks in London catching up with friends and family.  Noah, my nephew, is a delight and has been really great company.  We've had a few trips to the swimming pool and he's coming along nicely.  Over the last 4 weeks he seems to have put on alot of weight, to the point that I'm finding him harder and harder to pickup, but it's a good sign as it may mean he's put his early illness behind him. 
I've tried to do some hiking to prepare for Mongolia but I thin any efforts I may have made have been counterbalanced by an increase in consumption of nice food.  I'm going to really miss Mum's chocolate brownies and homemade elderflower cordial but my bag is heavy enough so I can't really take them for a midnight Gobi snack :)
Not sure when I'll get to post again, probably Ulan Bator. 
Adios amigos!

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