Friday, 22 February 2013

Pets and Routines

At home I've acquired a pet spider.  Now for those of you who know me well you'll know I have a slight phobia about spiders to the point that Mum and Dad bought me a Spider Vac from Lakeland Plastics to extract them from my London flat (Watch it in action on YouTube here:  In London I have conkers scattered around my flat at spider hotspots as they're meant to hate the smell of them - it works very well.  However, my brother-in-law (a clinical psychologist) has always encouraged me to face my fears head on so here in Zambia where there are more spiders I am having to learn to live with them.  There are the tiny ones that live in the bathroom but there's one big one who seems to have crept into my bedroom.  In my head we've reached a kind of mutual understanding whereby I won't bother him if he doesn't go anywhere near my bed!  He (I guess it could be a she but I'm not getting close enough to find out!) generally lives behind the suitcase or clothes cupboard but this morning it was laying bold as brass on the windowsill when I opened the blinds.  You'd have been proud of me - I didn't scream I just looked squarely at it and let it know who's boss i.e. you are not to come any closer!  I imagine it'll be back behind the suitcase when I return from work and that's fine with me.

Btw - here's a picture of the outside of my cottage:

I'm gradually getting into a routine here and it's showing as I'm starting to see the same people each day on my way to work.  There's the church cleaner who has wonderful braided hair with purple thread woven through it.  She arrives early every day at 7:30am even though prayers for the church staff don't begin until 8am.  Then there's the lady, who to me looks like a mother, who walks down Roan Road at about 7:35 every morning wearing a Laura Ashley style 80's sundress, carrying a multi-coloured golf umbrella.  She catches my eye and smiles but she's yet to say hello.  Finally, at 7:40am I see a lady driving down our dirt track in her spotless, white 4x4 car.  It mystifies me how she can drive through our mini-mud-lake every morning and still maintain a spotless white car - respect to her!!

Yesterday I was presented with a SunnyMoney T-Shirt as we all wear them in the office on a Friday.  We also get a cooked traditional meal together on a Friday that Musonda cooks.  Apparently it's very good so I wait with anticipation.

Adios amigos!


  1. Wow I am much impressed with how you are coping with spiders they have always been a pet hate of yours. I blame the fact that I dealt with them for you by picking them up so you didn't have to tackle your fear !!!!!!!!!!!! Also the puddles look quite large and I can imagine you having a Dawn French moment. How long does the rainy season last for another month? You seem to be coping well and your cottage looks lovely. T x

  2. Just trying to see if I can post a comment. If successful more will follow. XOXO

  3. Excellent - got your post 'LeTerrible1'

    The spider joined me in the shower this morning when I was at my most vulnerable so I had no choice but to live with him. His long legs crept out from behind a tile above me. I guess he's found quite a nice home there. The puddle is back to a lake today after Saturday's mighty downpour. Rainy season lasts until April I think so plenty of time to get used to it. You can normally tell when it's about to rain though as it gets 'cold' (not like the UK but you know what I mean). Will write about my bus adventures soon.

  4. Well, lets have a photo of the T-Shirt then, it might be the season's 'must have' factor for 2013 !!

  5. Now that's a challenge! I will see if someone will take a pic of me this Friday when I wear it in the office.