Thursday, 21 February 2013

Puddles and overzealous filing

So, I mentioned that it had been quite rainy here. Well, this has made my walk a little interesting.  I walk to work as I am in the very fortunate position of living close to our office in the nice suburb Kabulonga.  However, our office lies down a side road.  I call it a road but it's more of a dirt track really.  The road has been feeling the wear from the recent rains and has developed alot of pot holes which is making it interesting for those who drive to and from work.  However, it makes it even more interesting for me arriving on foot.

At the moment there are a number of large puddles down the road but in fact they could be considered mini-lakes as you can see from the picture below:

My sister joked with me yesterday that I need to be careful circumnavigating these as I could end up like the Vicar of Dibley if I'm not careful:

Thankfully fellow blogger Nat  had pre-warned me about the rains so I had packed my Merrell trainers so now I carefully wade along the muddy path each morning in order to reach the office.  It's not too bad today as it hasn't rained for a couple of days but my shoes got a bit caked up on Monday.  Thankfully the rains are followed by heat so the mud dries and it can be bashed off but I'm sure Donna curses the mud I bring into the cottage!

Our office is down the end of the road and looks like this:

It's a converted house so feels really homely.  I work right by the front door and kitchen which I really like.  My desk's by the window so I can see people arriving.  Yesterday we had alot of visitors coming to buy lights and drop off payments (we like that in Finance!).  However, the main activity I did yesterday was filing.   The office has been without a Finance Manager for a while and so there's a big backlog of filing.  So, 'neatfreak' Kate was in her element and now has a clutter free desk.  I've sorted the bank statements and deposit slips so can hopefully update the cashbook today but there's still alot to do.  

Mum would laugh at me as she'll know what I've done with all the 'yet to be filed' paperwork; it's in a filing cabinet drawer so it makes the Finance area look tidy.  I used to do something similar when she asked me to clean my bedroom.  I'd remove everything from my bedroom into the hall and then move it back into my bedroom gradually as I decided where it best fit.  Anything that didn't 'fit' was left on the landing until I figured out what to do with it so my bedroom was clean but the hall was not!  It used to drive Mum insane.  Aren't you glad I've not changed Mum :)

Anyway, yesterday I was far too zealous with the filing.  It came to home time and I panicked.  I couldn't find my cottage keys.  I looked high and low and started to get into a panic that one of our visitors during the day had walked off with them.  In the end we found them filed under 'keys' in the Finance cabinet - duh!  Panic over :)

Right, back to the filing before I head to the bank to deposit some nice big sales payments - yiipeeee. 

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